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COOPP connects businesses needing content with production studios that specialize in creating media for their industry

Our Story

Our mission is to bridge together the global production studio community with brands and creatives who need their expertise.

Our company acts as a marketing super tool utilizing proprietary digital strategies to empower our production listings in securing brand content deals from business industries that they have proven track record in working with.

Brands now more than ever are seeing the value in social media content as a major factor to having a successful business and are doubling down on the investment.

Through educational resources and directly connecting the two we see a bright future of collaborations that will produce media excellence.

The goal is to expand our reach globally helping pockets of business communities connect with their local creative talent or find a studio anywhere that specializes in their industry.

Growing into a hybrid MarTech + Marketplace + Ai we have our sights on truly being a solution in the problem of bringing together both sides of this equation.

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What we stand for

We help you every step of the way.


We require businesses fill out a content pitch inquiry that covers all the necessary details you needed on scope of work, availability, budget, story, and much more.

Tailored Platform

Our profile specialist help production studios craft their profile so businesses get the best first impression and have a peek into what they love to create and work they have done in the past with video demo reels being the focus.


All production studios are hand-picked by our team and we require brands to reach out in 24-48 hour window so communication can happen efficiently.


Our mission is to empower our production studios with marketing expertise that would cost them tens of thousands of dollars and years of learning on-demand to get them corporate clients.

We are also empower businesses who create content daily or first time through the working process of high-level productions. The investment into quality production can be life changing for a business and we take it very seriously.

COOPP was born from my 13+ years studying how businesses and content have a symbiotic relationship. I’ve spent my career being the bridge for brands and creatives to collaborate on content.
So my team and I curated an amazing list of studios and began the journey of COOPP to connect them with business owners that need content to expand build community, increase sales, and elevate their digital footprint.

Shay Maraj
Founder of COOPP

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