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Tell Us About Your Project

Submit project via Content Request Form with details including category, date, budget, and description to be assigned a COOPP Content Specialist.

We Browse Through our Directory

Combing through our directory, your Content Specialist will identify the photographer, videographer, or production team that match your category, budget, and previous experience.

Introduce You to Top Candidate

Your Content Specialist will introduce you to 2-5 best candidates via email. This is where our involvement ends and your direct communication with prospective client begins.

Who Uses COOPP?

Creative Directors

Restaurant Owners

Musical Artist

Airbnb & Rental Hosts

E-Commerce Companies

Brand Managers

Content Creators


Event Producers

Fashion Designers

Marketing Agencies

Advertising Agencies


Real Estate Agencies

Car Dealerships

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We offer one-on-one assistance to brands who need help finding an agency, FREE of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are content inquiry buttons on the COOPP homepage. You will submit a form that has your name, budget, dates, location, category, company website, content idea, and what your vision if applicable.

The more information the faster you will receive a response from a studio.   

We send your pitch to 1-3 studios that we think align with your vision and have interests in taking in your project.

Content Inquires are FREE to submit but we require brands to pay a 10% service fee to COOPP for the total booking value after final delivery.

After your first booking you unlock access to upgrade for $250 per month to our pro subscription and your service fee is only 5%!

To ensure everyone is happy we follow up with both parties throughout the process until final delivery.

Your pitch will be processed in 48 hours as we confirm all the information provided is correct and will reach out for any clarity.

Then your pitch will go out to see who is interested for 24-48 hours and then you will choose from your roster of studios who to work with.

Content production can range from $250-$75,000+

When setting a budget, balance your requirements with the costs involved, and ensure there is transparency and a clear understanding of the services provided by the production company.

Focus on the value offered by the production company rather than solely on the lowest price. A higher upfront cost will always provide better quality and expertise.

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