Business are searching for high-quality photographers, videographers, content specialists, and production studios like yours!

We empower our hand-picked community of production professionals to connect with business clients ready to invest in high-quality content.

How our site works

Apply To Join COOPP

Submit your application via our sign up form and our profile specialists will reach out via phone or email about application status.

Once accepted a profile specialists will help you create a SEO optimized listing to showcase and match your production studios to content requests from local businesses.

Build a strong profile

Our profile specialist will help you build a strong profile on COOPP and Social Media platforms so you can be in the best position to close potential business clients.

We have tailored our listings to include video demo reel, photo galleries of your previous work, description box to list in all the information about your work experience.

Connect with your ideal customer

Production Professionals listed on our website are promoted on search engines, social media, email campaigns, paid ads, through direct outreach, in press releases and more.

Who Uses COOPP?

Creative Directors

Restaurant Owners

Musical Artist

Airbnb & Rental Hosts

E-Commerce Companies

Brand Managers

Content Creators


Event Producers

Fashion Designers

Marketing Agencies

Advertising Agencies


Real Estate Agencies

Car Dealerships

Need a hand?

Let's do it together !

Our COOPP profile specialist are marketing professionals that are here to help you create an optimized profile that will stand out and give your potential booking all the information they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive an email or call from a profile specialist letting you know next steps about setting up your profile on COOPP and getting you matched with any current content opportunities.

Our outreach team has connections to hundreds of brands. Your profile is SEO optimized so any brands searching for production in your category can potentially pop up on their google feed. We use social media to directly target brands in your specific category with organic content and paid ADs.

The COOPP team reaches out to your production team via DM, email or a phone call when we receive content inquiries and send you the scope of work pitch.

Brands get a choice of three studios per project so the faster you respond, the better your chances of being hired. 

We allow 24-48 hours before the next studio candidate is notified.

Free to apply for membership but we are selective on which studios and brands we allow to be apart of our community.

We charge a 10% service fee at the end of content delivery.

After your first booking you unlock the ability to upgrade to our pro plan for $250 monthly and your service fee is reduced 5%

To ensure everyone is happy we follow up with both parties throughout the process until final delivery.

Make sure you add a high-quality profile picture, add photo galleries of your previous work, upload your demo reel and fill in all the information about your work experience.

The first sentence of your description should sum up specifically what you do or what services your production company wants to offer.

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