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Welcome to COOPP
Respect Other People's Property.

We Respect One Another or Creators Respect Other Creators

We at COOPP pride ourselves on our respect for the creative spaces listed on our domain. We are here to serve the creator economy with a safe platform for creatives to connect and prepare for their next project needs.

We Trust One Another or Creators Trust Other Creators

We trust that you will take care of these magical spaces as if it’s your own. We implore you to find out what the house studio rules are. These house rules are meant to keep the spaces in pristine condition, always ready for other groups to create and collaborate.

We Protect One Another or Creators Protect Other Creators

We consider each space as a living, breathing environment that must be protected. It is a collective effort of good studio etiquette by guests and good housekeeping by studio teams.

We Appreciate One Another or Creators Appreciate Other Creators

Please show your appreciation to the owners and fellow creatives trying their best to allow you a clean and affordable space to create. We are pushing for an ecosystem that thrives on the collective efforts of passionate artists.  

Our ROOPP Pillars These 4 Pillars help you have a safe, fun, and satisfying experience.
As our esteemed patron, we ask you to read and follow these guidelines.


Rules are not created to restrict your activity but rather help you have a productive session. Kindly read through it, and if you have any questions, you can always reach out to your gracious host.


Our spaces are optimized for your convenience. However, you might need some extra time to set up your gears and equipment and clean-up right after. Check with your COOPP host about ingress and egress rules to ensure your time is well managed.


We understand time gets away from you but allocate 5-10 minutes at the end of your session to clean up or organize any equipment or props used during your stay. Cluttered spaces always take creative juices out of our systems.


It is no easy feat to be a studio owner, and a little “thank you” goes a long way. There is a lot of courage to build a business for creators. Show your appreciation most by respecting the space provided to you, sharing on social media, and leaving a positive review.